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Welcome Hats, Backpacks & New Tee Designs - 05/25/2018

HEEEEERE WE GO! Next Friday, May 25th, our next collection drops and it is our BIGGEST LINEUP EVER. 🔥🔥🔥 

We are ecstatic to announce that we will officially be offering hats and backpacks going into the future. SO, are you ready for this lineup? Four new t-shirts, four new hats and our one and only Sugoi Backpack. 🎒 You’ve already seen the backpack and one of the hats on our Social Media, but we have so much more to unveil next week. Below are the new tees designs we'll be releasing:



Challenger is all about contrast and spirit. The black on bright orange look gives the shirt a vibrant pop and with the anime character shadowed off to the side, you can really feel as if a challenger is approaching. The kanji offset from the manga bubble reads, "Chikara" or "Power" in English. We love this design and in person. It is a shirt that you can't miss because it is so in your face (if you're into that sort of look). We hope you'll like it as much as we do. 


Anime Scenery T-Shirt


The word Sora in Japanese literally translates to "Sky" in English. The inspiration for this shirt came from all of you really! On our Social Media, we post beautiful anime scenery every now and then because we are obsessed with the aesthetic and over time, we got the hint that you guys were too. Nearly every time we posted an anime scenery shot, we would get a request to make an anime scenery inspired shirt. Well, we finally did it and we hope you'll like it. The kanji covering the anime sky in the background is "Sora." 



Another request we've had recently was to consider making some more kawaii designs - so enter Blushies. This tee features a pretty simple anime girl outline set in an understated black so that the blush marks over her face would really stand out (hence the name of the shirt). This is a pretty kawaii design and could probably be taken two ways with the right outfit. If you rock it with heavy pink or other kawaii accessories, this will probably be just that - ridiculously kawaii. However, in some of our test shoots, we also played around with matching this top into a full on anime streetwear fit and we have to say, it was pretty fire. We'll let you decide how you'd like to fit it. 



This design is just straight up artsy. Our train of thought on this one was to make it as abstract as possible to give it that full on weird, but oddly dope feel. Our base starting point was with the Japanese phrase, "Ohayo Gozaimasu Minna-San!" which in English translates to, "Good Morning Everybody!" The phrase is a bit of a lowkey meme - you hear it used jokingly now and then, but you also genuinely see it used in anime frequently (especially when they're set in school). Basically, we just built around that. Boxed it in the top left corner and just went ham with the design work around it. There's also no reason for the registered trademark symbol in the corner either - it just looked right. We wonder how you'll like this tee, because it looks really clean in person and certainly is an eye catcher if nothing else. Anime fans can appreciate the phrase, while streetwear enthusiasts can flex the design on out on the streets. That's really our whole goal here all of the time - bringing those two worlds together. 


If you've read this far, you're a real Sugoi fan and we love you. Hope you're excited for the release as much as we are and as always, if you have any feedback, any questions at all or just wanna say hi - hit us up on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or shoot us an email at info@sugoishirts.com. ❤️

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  • Maiko Shu 03:03 PM

    I would like more if u design some bottom clothes, even socks, shorts would be nice for the summer ^^

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