New Anime Shirts Spring 2018

We're excited to be releasing some unique anime streetwear t-shirts and hoodies this Spring 2018 Season on March 23rd! We figured we'd take some website real estate to give some insight as to how we were inspired to create these anime driven designs.

Our overlying theme while we were working on these designs was to incorporate a Spring-time feel by using extremely bright colors (blues, pinks, yellows and oranges). Below is a breakdown of our thought process behind the inspiration of each design.


Ambush Anime Streetwear

Ambush. Lately we've been watching a lot fighting and action anime (a big change up from the slice of life genre that we're fond of here). We envy the style only seen in anime explosions, lasers, blasts - anything of the like. Depending on how big the attack is, the outlines get rougher, sharper and bolder. We loved those little nuances and wanted to roll those elements together in with a bright orange color (because, explosions) to make the final design.  


Graffiti Anime Girl

Graffiti. Okay, we're not condoning graffiti, but you just have to appreciate the art style, right? It's one-of-a-kind. We were driving down a thruway and stumbled past a wall slathered in random words, pictures and symbols everywhere! The aesthetic behind graffiti is just so cool looking in our opinion. It also helps that graffiti usually incorporates bright colors, exactly what we were going for with this collection! That was the initial inspiration, we then just thought, "Well why don't we ever see any sweet anime graffiti around?" So we made it happen on a t-shirt instead of a wall. Side note: If anyone knows of some real life anime graffiti and are reading this, please send us some pics - we'd love to see it. 


Yamete Funny Anime Meme

Yamete. You guys loved our "Omae Wa" design, so we thought we'd play around with some more fun anime words. If you don't know, the word "Yamete" in Japanese means "stop!" Actually... more like, "STOP!" You see this word float around being used in many different contexts in anime (if you know what we mean here). 


Zenith Anime T-Shirt

Zenith. The inspiration behind this design is pretty weird, to be honest. It actually started with the text font itself seen in the design. We were playing Final Fantasy and really admired the style of the fonts they use. We used that as the starting point of inspiration and it spiraled into us thinking about how ungodly strong some of the bosses are in those games and hence "Zenith" was born. The definition of zenith is "the time at which something is most powerful or successful" and the Japanese paragraphs below the word define what power is in a scientific way. Yeah. Pretty random we know, but that's what we like about this one. 


If you read this far, now you know how we think when it comes to making these! We truly love what we do and we hope that passion reflects in our designs. Words can't express how thankful we are to have the love and support you guys bring us. Again, these designs drop on March 23rd, 2018, so mark your calendars! 


<3 Ryan, Founder - Sugoi Shirts

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  • Dylan Abernethy 03:03 PM

    really liking the Yamete design, Im a fan of the anime character based shirts. best when clean but packed with reference to anime

  • Jhertz 03:03 PM

    I love the description for the zenith design. You say it’s kinda random but I literally know exactly what you mean from being a huge ff fan . Def going to get myself one :)

  • Idriss 03:03 PM

    Awesome stuff! New favourite clothing brand :)

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