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Sugoi Shirts is a New York based apparel brand uniting lovers of Japanese pop-culture through fashion since 2015. Our designs are completely original (meaning you won't find our t-shirts and  apparel anywhere else) and made completely in-house by people who are just as passionate about Japan, anime and fashion as you are. As a brand, our mission is to bring anime into the forefront of street fashion by filling a niche aesthetic of anime meets streetwear. All of our of high quality t-shirts and apparel are custom printed in Los Angeles, CA and shipped across the world. 

We love listening to you, our followers and supporting the feedback you provide us. Since our founding, we have added over 65+ designs and counting. Not only have we made new designs, but we have have expanded from just t-shirts, to all different apparel including anime inspired hoodies and sweatshirts for cooler weather. We look forward to traveling to cons and expos as well, so if you see us at your next outing, be sure to say hi! Follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@sugoishirts) to find out where we might be next.

Have a look around our site and if you have any questions, shoot us an email or message us on Facebook - we will always respond back as quickly as possible! Represent your inner Japanese enthusiast, modern fashionista, streetwear addict, anime geek, otaku, weeaboo... whoever you are, we hope our Sugoi Shirts can represent you.

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- Sugoi Shirts <3

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